Hi y’all!

I’m Shauna.  My husband Brian and I founded Humble Heart shortly after moving from our home town in Texas to Denver, Colorado.  We felt the mountains were calling, and it was an adventure we simply could not pass up. Full of anxious excitement, with our two sweet boys, Noah and Elijah, and our old puppy Tex in tow, we set off for the great unknown.  Moving a thousand miles from home has it’s challenges, but we found that the fresh start motivated and inspired us to finally begin living out our dreams rather than just talking about them.I don’t believe you can stand on a mountaintop without feeling humbled by the vast beauty that lies before you.  Maybe we needed to climb out of the valley and stand on a mountaintop to realize just how small and insignificant we were (and still are) before we could embark on a journey to build something bigger than ourselves.  If we were going to shine a light in the world, our dreams would need be too big for us to accomplish on our own, and undeniably, the path would require faith.

And maybe, making candles isn’t world changing.  I mean, who were we to think that our little candle business could have a positive impact on our community or even the world?  In truth, who were we not to.

First and foremost, we wanted our business to have an outward focus, and we decided that by partnering with a missional organization that we could in fact impact the world.  At the heart of it all, we wanted to create something authentic and build a business with intention.  Armed with passion and creativity, we set out to create a line of natural candles with pure ingredients and beautiful designs.  Even more than creating an amazing product though, we wanted our company to be a place where Team Members, Boutique Owners, and Patrons were all enthusiastic to share in our dream.

And from this journey, Humble Heart was conceived.

“True humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”  C.S. Lewis

When we humble ourselves, we make ourselves lower and put others above us.  The latin roots of humble are “humilis” meaning “low” and “humus” which means “earth” literally “on the ground”.

This is how Brian and I try to live our life.  In our marriage, in raising our boys, and in our faith we strive to have a humble heart.  So when it comes to our company, it only feels right that we build something that is a reflection of us.

We believe that if we could all have a Humble Heart in whatever place we find ourselves, then God could use each one of us to impact our corner of the world.  In our relationships with our family and our friends, in our careers, in a kind word and smile to a stranger, we believe that there is no place too small to make an immense and immeasurable difference.  A beautiful ripple starts with just one humble heart.

We want to sincerely thank you for stopping in.   We hope you have found a little inspiration to live out your dreams and to keep shining your light because you are indeed a difference maker.

With ,

Shauna Mahany