When we started Humble Heart, creating natural clean burning candles was of the utmost importance to us. We have diligently sought out the finest ingredients to create a superior line of natural candles.


Wax is the foundation and main ingredient in all candles, and without a pure wax, it is impossible to create clean burning candles. We knew that the toxic carcinogenic Paraffin Wax, that many candle manufacturers still use today, was simply not an option. Paraffin Wax is made from petroleum or oil shale, and research shows that it emits toxic cancer causing chemicals like toluene and benzene when used in candles. Unlike Paraffin Wax, natural vegetable waxes provide a clean non-toxic burn. After a ton of hands on research with different natural waxes, including Soy Wax, we discovered that Coconut Wax is the highest quality natural wax on the market.


Our Coconut Wax is primarily made from hydrogenated and refined coconut oil. While pure coconut oil smells like coconuts and has a consistency dependent on the external environment, coconut wax does not smell like coconut and will not melt at room temperature. Our Coconut Wax is then blended with a small amount of soy and beeswax to create the finest candle wax . We are committed to a clean burning candle, and our wax is always paraffin and paraben free. Coconut Wax burns at a slower rate than both soy and paraffin waxes, so our candles are longer burning which means you get to enjoy your candle longer. Our Coconut Wax Blend gives our candles a beautiful creamy consistency and the perfect base for our unique fragrances.


Building on our Natural Coconut Wax, we opted for clean fragrance oils to create our line of Signature Fragrances. In keeping with our theme to create natural clean burning candles, we’ve made sure that our fragrance oils never include harmful Phthalates, Parabens, or Paraffin. Our research showed that eliminating these potentially harmful ingredients, not only in the wax but the fragrance oil as well, would allow us to accomplish our goal in creating a healthier clean burning candle. Humble Heart’s pure fragrance oils combined with our Natural Coconut Wax means uncompromised quality and stronger scented candles.


Our creamy coconut wax naturally creates a beautiful white or cream colored candle. In order to keep our candles natural and free of additives and extra ingredients, we decided to omit the use of unnecessary dyes and let the natural wax and bold fragrances speak for themselves.


The wick is an essential and often overlooked part of every candle. Although many wicks are primarily made from cotton, it is common for cotton wicks to be threaded with lead or dipped in paraffin and other petroleum products. The wick is yet one more way toxins could be released into the air. At Humble Heart, we have carefully chosen Natural Cotton Wicks that are lead and chemical free to insure every part of our candles are clean burning.