The Humble Heart Journey

Handcrafted Means Handcrafted

One year ago, my hubby Brian and I set out to build our candle company. Although we were new to candle making, we were confident that we could start from square one and be up and running within 90 days (even while working full time jobs and living life with our two boys). Needless to say, the journey from novice candle maker to polished candle artisan took a bit longer than we anticipated.

Sure, we could have compromised integrity and hastily produced something in a matter of months, but we were determined to see our passion through to create an exceptionally handcrafted and uniquely designed line of candles.

We spent countless hours researching waxes, fragrance oils, and jars.

We spent months testing different wax mixtures, perfecting our signature fragrances, and curating every last detail of design.

Although the road was longer than we had forseen, it was our steadfast (or stubborn) spirit that kept us from deviating from the path and ultimately allowed us to achieve our goal. We have mixed, melted, and designed our way to a healthier and even more stunning candle than we had originally dreamed up.

Our line of candles are uniquely handcrafted for your home, and we are just so excited to finally be sharing them with you. Not only do you get to choose your favorite look, but you also get to choose your own signature fragrance. We hope you will love the pure coconut wax, the amazing fragrances, and the graceful styles as much as we love them!


Shauna Mahany
Creative Designer & Owner at Humble Heart

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